Industrial Area


In order to meet the environmental and market demands, Cimangola invests in the highest cement manufacturing technology, for this we have been betting for more than 60 years on a technical staff capable of ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the production process.
Cimangola has two manufacturing units, each responsible for an important stage of the production process.
In the Cacuaco unit (in operation since 1957) is made the production, bagging and shipment of cement and has an installed capacity of 6 000 Tpd.
In the Sequele unit (in operation since 2017) carries out the production of 5 000 tpd of clinker.


Aiming at further optimising the cement production process, Cimangola invests in state-of-the-art technology thus ensuring the effectiveness and total environmental sustainability of the process. That’s why the process was designed in order to make an efficient energy reuse.


        • Supply of Raw Materials
        • Grinding and Homogenization of Raw
        • Clinquerization
        • Grinding, bagging and cement shipment


The raw material from the mine, which has an estimated lifespan of more than 70 years, is processed by a limestone hammer crusher and a clay roller crusher ensuring a maximum grain size of 75 mm and chemical properties according to the standards set by the standards.

The crushed material is pre-homogenized and stored in a park (pre-homogenization) with a capacity of 38 000 T.

All raw materials used in the process are locally sourced.


The crushed material is then dosed and ground by a 4 roller vertical mill (Loesche) with an installed capacity of 400 Tph thus guaranteeing the physical and chemical properties required for the manufacture of clinker.
The flour is stored and homogenized in a silo with a capacity of 17,000 T.


Homogenized flour is calcined at 95% in a double-stage five-stage pre-calcination tower in approximately 30 seconds.

The oven of 74 m, has an installed capacity of 5 000 tons per day and ensures the cooking of flour at a temperature that reaches 1450ºC resulting in clinker that is cooled to a temperature of 120ºC in a fresh generation cooler.

The clinker produced is stored in a silo with a capacity of 50 000 tonnes before being transported to the Cacuaco plant for the manufacture of cement.

Grinding, bagging and cement shipment

The cement grinding process complies with the highest international quality standards, cimangola has two horizontal ball mills with a total installed capacity of 6,000 Tpd.

The cement produced is stored in silos, with a total capacity of 35 000 T.

Cimangola has a wide range of packaging for the marketing of cement.


Cimangola produces in accordance with the European standard (EN 197-1).

Quality is guaranteed by qualified personnel with an appropriate laboratory according to European standard (EN 196).

In Cimangola’s manufacturing units, quality control is ensured with high-generation technologies, including an online gamma-ray analyzer, fluorescence X-ray (XRF) and diffraction (XRD) devices.