Social Responsibility

Cimangola and Social Responsibility – Vision and Activities

Cimangola, as an Angolan company with more than 60 years of history in the country, is positioned in the market where it operates, with responsibility and sustainability, contributing to the development and growth of the economy, the well-being of its workers and, within its core business, seeks to support community projects of value to society.

The corporate social responsibility model focuses on two essential strands, workers, surrounding communities and also support for broader projects in Angola.

Cimangola creates employment directly and indirectly for more than 1,000 people.

We are a major partner for our suppliers, customers and public, private and financial institutions, involving hundreds of companies with which we have economic activity.

We are committed to strengthening exports, contributing to the balance of the country's trade balances and foreign exchange entry.

We are working on industrial projects that will reduce fuel import costs, better optimise resources and offer new products on the market.

Thus, with the development of our activity, projects we develop, investment in human capital and participation in the community, we build added value for the economy and for society. This is Cimangola's primary Social Responsibility.

In the internal aspect of the company's positioning, we see our employees as the main value and the fundamental foundation of the company.

We have developed a very competitive remuneration model, which in addition to salary includes other benefits, such as a shopping card, an annual free cement endowment and performance awards, in addition to good opportunities for personal and professional growth.

We also offer a free transportation system to and from work, a cafeteria that excels in the excellent quality of food, including two daily meals, a Christmas hamper, Christmas parties, gifts for the workers' children, social loan system for emergencies and food packages on exceptional occasions.

Along with these conditions, we have excellent health insurance, a medical post in the two manufacturing units, a Department of Hygiene, Health and Safety at Work, which ensure the defense of the safety and health conditions of our employees in their workplaces.

We bet and we will continue to bet on the training and training of our employees, such as the recent training of young engineers for the new production unit, which lasted more than two years and thousands of hours of training, in Angola and abroad, which allowed a huge training and professional development of these teams and new professional opportunities.

In engaging with the community, we have supported over the years a multiple projects and initiatives, highlighting recently (2019/2020) the following examples:

. The rehabilitation Official School 4017, in the municipality Ngola Kiluange, with close to 1000 students, from pre-primary to 6th grade, who went through the repair of infrastructure and wastewater collection systems, new pipes of drinking water network, complete renovation of toilets, repair of the entire electrical system, paving of the patios, creation of recreational space, donation of air conditioning equipment , afforestation, offer of garden benches, painting of the entire building and rooms, requalification of classrooms and all electrical and lighting systems, replacement of roofs by thermal insulation tile, offer of some computers, renovation of tables and desks and donation of office furniture, operation carried out with the support of other partners that we managed to mobilize.

. We carried out the requalification of the access roads contiguous to the Cacuaco plant, in the Ngola Kiluange neighborhood, which because of the rains there was water entering the houses, involving a project of more than 30 days, with heavy equipment and repair and reinforcement of the road involving the implementation of water drainage system, earthworks and rehabilitation of the main roads.

. In addition to these works in the neighboring neighborhood, we also developed a partnership with the Municipality for the implementation of garbage collection systems in the communities of Ngola Kiluange adjacent to the factory, solving a problem that dragged on for more than ten years, with the open waste dump by the populations.

. We did a work of protection and reinforcement of cliffs and stabilization of land, in the area of the lobster lighthouse, in imminent risk of falling because of the rains, being can drag the power transformation stations of the area, fundamental for the passage of energy to the community and also work to stabilize soil unstable by rain erosion, municipality in the neighborhood Ndala Mulemba.

. We have carried out several supports to the Escola Esperança do Saber, a school of social solidarity, with more than 800 children in need, located inside the Sequele area, of chairs and tables, balls for children, cement for several occasions, sheet tiles, water tanks, to improve the conditions of support for their children, in the paving of classrooms, requalification of toilets , and to be able to have water reserves, because in the area there is no piped water.

. Also in support of school institutions, donations were made to the Social Solidarity Institution Lar da Nazaré, which also welcomes dozens of children and young people, furniture, clothing, furniture, toys, books and cement to help in the works and activities of the institution as well as the regular support of the company's doctor in the monitoring of children.

In the broader activities of social responsibility, outside the local scope, we have some recent examples, such as:

Support for the victims of the floods in Lobito, who displaced many families, with a few tons of food, mattresses, clothes, toys and books for children, solidarity with the participation of employees of the company and the organization of ZAP TV.

Participation in the Project "Safe Steps", which assigns skeletal prostheses to amputees children, with donation of 1000 bags of cement for recovery of facilities.

. Donation of 6,000 tons of cement to the region's trading partner, for support in various social works in Namibe.

. Donation of 800 Tons of cement to the Provincial Government of Kuanza Norte because of the rains.

. Several donations, of lower visibility, such as the sponsorship of events of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce Angolana, to strengthen the links between the entrepreneurs of the two countries, sponsorship of SPEATL – Society of Education Projects, for the support of its students, in study trips, support to police forces through the rehabilitation of inoperative vehicles, donations of food, clothing and cement to various entities.

In conclusion, Cimangola, within its core business, seeks with a sense of citizenship to fulfill an active participation in the society where it operates, acting in a spirit of solidarity and responsibility towards its workers, partners and social solidarity entities, to help build a Firm Future for all.