Cimangola is an organization with more than 60 years of history in Angola, always committed to the construction and development of the country.

In all the companies that represent this brand, we are more than 1,000 direct or service-providing workers, which we do our best every day to ensure cimangola's success and sustainability and to better serve our Customers .

Currently we have two manufacturing units in the Luanda region, the Cacuaco Factory and the Sequele Factory, both in the Luanda region.

Our factories have a current installed capacity that allows annual production of more than one million tonnes of Clinker.

We are dedicated to the sale of clinker, cement and other aggregates in the domestic market and also for export.

Our sustainability bet is based on the demand for high quality standards, product diversification and competitive price offering in order to ensure a firm future for all.

We are also focused on creating industrial and operational solutions that reduce our environmental footprint, along with protection initiatives in our area of activity, including reforestation actions and other good practices such as segregation and Recycling.

We are an integral part of the community and have developed several social responsibility projects with local communities, national associations and public initiatives to support situations of population shortage.