Cimangola has hundreds of its supplier partners for the most varied areas, from industrial suppliers of equipment and services, suppliers of raw materials and industrial products, fuel, suppliers of food, office supplies, clothing, construction, engineering and technical, legal and tax and audit consulting, advertising, gardening and landscaping services, technical and environmental certification companies , providers of temporary work services, cleaning and security services.

Business Contacts:

Purchasing and Logistics Directorate

Eng. Luis Raposo TM +244 926 112 673

Purchasing Supervision

Eng. Gildo António TM +244 929 010 566

Any supplier candidate will have to send to Cimangola his registration form, attached copy, in order to be registered in the company’s systems.

Our suppliers must meet a set of requirements in order to qualify as our providers, namely:

      • Have legalized tax activity and situation
      • Comply with the legal requirements for the activity they carry out
      • Submit their commercial license and copy of the journal of the republic with the company’s registration
      • Ensure that all of its workers serving at Cimangola are properly equipped with the right safety clothing (PPE) for the task
      • That in the case of labour service providers, they have occupational accident insurance and social security and IRT contributions in order for their workers, in accordance with current legislation
      • Indication of the VAT contribution situation

The company is only bound by a signed contract valid between the parties for the supply of goods or services or by Purchase Order, duly approved and issued to the supplier.

With the entry of Value Added Tax (VAT), from October 2019, Cimangola joined the general regime from the outset.

Cimangola gives preference in its selection to suppliers who are registered in the general VAT system.

According to current legislation, all invoices or equivalent documents must be received up to 8 working days after issue and, in accordance with the legal requirements, in particular those contained in Presidential Decree No. 292/18 of 3 December, with emphasis on the fact that all invoices must have decriminated the VAT and applicable rate or mention the reason why the supplier is not in the general regime.

Invoices issued to our companies must count, respectively, the following elements in compliance with the requirements of Art.II p, the above-mentioned decree law:

Registered name: NOVA CIMANGOLA, SA

NIF: 5410002032

Headquarters – Av. February 4th, Nr. 42, 2nd Floor – Luanda

Registered name: NOVA CIMANGOLA II, SA

NIF: 5417103250

Headquarters – Av. February 4, Nr.42, 2nd Floor – Luanda

Cimangola records all invoices or equivalent documents centrally.

Thus all documents must be:

      • Sent to the email, or
      • Physically delivered to Accounting at our Cacuaco facilities

(Nova Cimangola, SA, Estrada do Cacuaco Km 14, Finance Department)

This is without prejudice to the fact that copies or proformas may be made available to the requesting Departments.